- art décor for acoustic { a cavity resonator, not only a speaker stand }


• die casting aluminum with ring resonator

• size - 210 W x 950 H x 375 D mm

• weight - 14.8 kg. (with iron base)

• color - matte black / matte white

• USD 570.00 @pc.

the design of AStand is based on Recoil Vibration concept.

all vibration and energy from the driver is hard to reduce or absorb. Ologe monitor just hang on the AStand and let all energy transfer from an acicular part to AStand's body - it is a cavity resonator like a musical instrument. Most of energy can change from vibration to sonic form (sound), the mid-range and bass can have more detail and soft after use it.


- the place for conduct an orchestra { cast-iron speaker base }


• die casting iron monitor stand for TEN, FIVE, ONE, ZERO

• size - 400 W x 250 H x 375 D mm, thickness 25mm

• weight - 19.8kg @ pc

• USD 435.00 @pc.

with Recoil Vibration control concept, ROSTRUM made of cast-iron and equipped with special design for the shape and mass.

It's rigid production standard and ponderous mass, let the speaker base convey most of vibration energy out of the cabinet. It will improve the soundstage more deepness, clarity of your ologe monitor


- the art décor with acoustic monitor { a speaker wall mount }


• size - 82.5mmø (dia.) x 50mm, w/o support column

• including 2 x short columns + 1 x long column, for ZERO, ONE, FIVE

• weight - 0.80 kg

• USD 310.00 @pc.

Die-casting Aluminum 720˚ Wall Mounting system with unique mechanism.



- art décor for acoustic { the Rack }


[ MIEN ]

- art décor for acoustic { a artistic speaker grill }


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