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Ologe's line of monitors can easily achieve outstanding audio performance without any professional room acoustic treatment. The installation of Ologe's products is a simplistic bliss. It delivers exceptional soundstage with a truly distinct, accurate, and instantaneous response.


It let your system can easily adapt to any environment, just choose up and down for these toggle switchs.

1) Boundary Switch - let you adjusts the bass level between "Free Space" and "Wall Mounted (or too close with rear wall)". If you are sitting too close to a room boundary (wall) or if the speaker is too close to room boundary, all the low frequencies will be exaggeraed. Boundary Compensation circuits eliminate the drawbacks of flush mounting wall or ceiling/surround speakers. Midrange and treble controls on each speaker provide accurate adjustment according to the characteristics of space.That's why in-wall performance is a match for any box speaker you've heard. The bass is equalized resulting in more true and accurate bass response.

2) Tweeter/Mid-range switch - all we know, acoustic will be affected by environment - room size, sitting position, distance from rear wall, etc. They have many kind of problem like standing wave...., etc, but we only concern the balance tone rather than other issue, since it is the basic for audio enjoyment or monitoring. High frequency will roll off and attenuate faster than mid-range and low frequency for certain distance. Also low frequency also need have more space to spread and breath than high frequency. With our crossover can let you just switch to +dB/-dB to solve this problem. Whatever you are sitting too close or too far; and any position of your speaker, etc.

3) Driver mode switch - Only our monitor got this switchable driver mode. It can select between active and passive mode in one second. When switching to the active mode, you can experience the dynamic sound and prodigious power of the speaker. When passive mode is selected, soft, subtle sound and more low frequency can perfectly perform. This great performance is contributed by the unique parts of driver and the innovative design of crossover.


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