Ologe acoustic monitor features proprietary driver designs seldom found in other company's products. From diaphragm to spider, all are exclusively designed, engineered and manufactured by Ologe. We did not follow the general practice of most speaker manufacturers to out-source their driver, parts..etc. to their supplier and after calculate the crossover by general software, they just install all components to a cabinet. All our driver are tailor-made and optimized for each Ologe model, even a screw had its own molding.


    Our parts not only come with unique design and also have passed our strict industrial standards. We don't want just purchase some driver and install to a cabinet. It is in Ologe's firm belief that we need more innovative of acoustic theory. From diaphragm to spider - all parts are exclusively designed, engineered and manufactured by Ologe. We even use special aluminum alloy waveguide to solve the "Ringing effect" of tweeter.


    OUR DRIVER - to ensure good quality of our acoustic monitors, all our drivers will undergo 100% inspection to match all parameters. Every single part will be examined and tested. All our inspectors are requested to sign on each approved driver. We can hence achieve our goal and consistency in providing high quality product.

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