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Technology innovation is the process through which new (or improved) technologies are developed and brought into widespread use. In the simplest formulation, innovation can be thought of as being composed of research, development, demonstration, and deployment, although it is abundantly clear that innovation is not a linear process.

There are various interconnections and feedback loops between these stages, and often even the stages themselves cannot be trivially disaggregated. What we doing is close to the truth with all the parameter from measurement.

We believe precision is the music.

Recoil Vibration Guiding System

Recoil Vibration Guiding System, RVGS (patent pending)

The traditional method to minimize or reconcile the vibration is by using the weight of the speaker for stabilization where the speaker is being put on the floor with spikes or on the speaker stand. This way the vibration is reduced vertically, transferring from the speaker to the spikes or the stand. However, speakers are in fact moving back and forth horizontally when it is operating, i.e. the vibration resides mainly in horizontally rather than vertically. It is a kind of recoil force which is similar to gun shooting.

On the contrary, Ologe intentionally uses one spike at the back, to reconcile the vibration from recoil force and unnecessary resonance. By using the unique exclusive design "ABASE" platform and "ASTAND", most of the recoil force and vibration is being transferred to one spike and then spread out to reconcile. This is our "RVGS" technology and this can solve all vibration created by back and forth movement, thus the driver is working more effectively.

It can also help greatly in attaining clean and transparent sonic tone.


Ologe cabinet is exclusively design.

The size and shape of our cabinet are premeditated to achieve the best performance. The thin body purposely designed to reduce reflection from the side of cabinet. The wide and big front panel had been calculated with rigorous ratio, including all driver distance and position,etc. it can perfectlyprevent diffraction. The speakers are deliberately slanted in a precise angle to reduce diffusion and primary reflection from ground of low frequency.

It got better sound stage and the sound is less affected by environment.


Our tailor-made driver is a breakthrough for the limitation of the fact that low frequency must be produced by certain / large volume speaker for closed cabinet. Since we found large volume inside will affect accuracy of response and dynamic range, even it may better than some cabinet that use tuning port.

To achieve our standard and requirement,we got no choice need to design and produce all parts of our unique driver. From dome, cone, surround & voice coil etc. all build to match specified parameter.Except with the unique flat and thin design, inside also all fill with absorb material, and keep less air as we can,but this special driver still can able to produce low frequency and reach accurate response simultaneously as authenticity. This magic is generated by the unique design of our driver.


The sonic axis of general speaker is 15 - 30 degree, all phrase and tone will decline beyond this angle. Ologe speaker got more than 60 degree in result the sound stage is comparatively more wide, solid and vivid. Our soundstage extend not only to the front, but also have have more depth since it can also move backward simultaneously. All positions is not 2D as before. It is all achieved by cabinet design with unique driver unit and twin array system.


DRIVER MODE" is used to change the driver movement characteristic to present different sonic style, It can change between active and passive mode in one second.

Select "Active" can let monitor have linear frequency response and have the best dynamic range. You can experience the dynamic sound and prodigious power of the speaker. When passive mode is selected, soft, subtle sound and more low frequency can perfectly perform. It will use its own circuit offset the power (E+M) of one unit and it can work as passive radiator, sound will more musical, leisurely and slow-up.

Just switch the characteristic of driver to fit for your mood with your AV and stereo system.


We use tweeter / mid-range array, instead of the normal single driver. This array works with the calculation of baffle size ratio and position of driver to let the speaker produce more directional information and easily to get the right and larger soundstage.

The benefit of such a design is to minimize the sound reflections in the room so you hear more direct sound and less reflected sound. You can very easily to enjoy it even not sit in sweet spot.

One fun listening experience with this kind of speaker is to place the speaker very close in front of you maybe 1-1.5 feet away, with the speakers aimed directly to your ears and your ears located between the tweeters and midrange vertically. It is like listening with big headphones.

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